Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How to Remove Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos floors can be a real concern to home owners who don't have any experience in such matters. The reason you will find some floors with asbestos in it is because they are very good at resisting fires. However the downside is that there is the risk of asbestosis which is something that many people are contacting their lawyers about. Along with asbestosis, there is also the risk of lung cancer and cancer of the rectum. So it's no wonder that people are so concerned at the thought of removing asbestos flooring.

When it comes ot asbestos vinyl flooring you will sometimes see it referred to as VAT and this should be treated with great care when being removed. You need to ensure that it is non-friable which basically means it cannot by turned to dust easily. If the floor tiles gets damaged in any way, the asbestos can become friable and the dangerous fibers can become lose and cause damage to your health.

The good news is that asbestos floor tile removal is pretty easy however should always be carried out by professional contractors. This is because safety gear needs to be worn such as gloves, respirator and safety goggles. The asbestos floor tile should be removed in large pieces so that you prevent them from becoming friable. So whatever you do, don't go drilling, sawing or sanding your asbestos floor tile.

You will want to check the local laws concerning asbestos removal because chances are that it could be law to have a professional licensed contractor to remove the asbestos floor tiles. Large plastic sheeting is used to help prevent any particles from beoming airborne and the area is also wettened to prevent it too.

Once the asbestos vinyl flooring has been removed, the materials are then placed into a air-tight container that is clearly marked as containing asbestos materials. This container is then taken to a landfill that is specially equipped to deal with it. You cannot simply add it in with all the other garbage.

Although having professional contractors in can be expensive, it's always strongly advised that you don't ever think of cutting costs by removing the asbestos floor tiles yourself. You might even get some sort of fine if you get caught so it's just not worth it.


Harry said...

I have been given the opportunity to go and give an estimate to remove the asbestos tile flooring from the basement floor and remodel the basement.
I do not want to get into a trouble after the renovation, how do i go about doing this project?

Harry said...

Do I need to have an attorney present to handle this and who will be responsible for the bill?

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Aron said...

I always heard about asbestos vinyl flooring, but I didn't care that much. But when I came across this blog, I learn that this is very risky to our health. We live in Indianapolis. Hardwood flooring is the number one choice of my mom because it is eco-friendly. As a matter of fact, I've read a lot of articles about eco-friendly vinyl tile. Indianapolis is one of the areas which has a lot of professional flooring services.

Mack said...

I do not want to get into a trouble after the renovation, how do i go about doing this project?

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Elnora Turmelle said...

If you're planning to do a little renovation of your home, it would be good that you do a cleaning project too like removing asbestos from floor tiles and cleaning your window. It would be great to assess the needs of every part of your home so you can fix all the stuff right away and maintain a safe home for your family.

Elnora Turmelle

rainboworm said...

for a safe asbestos removal, you should wet or moist the areas to be cleaned especially where the asbestos are. Dispose them carefully, locked and sealed.

Aler said...

Flooring, including sheet vinyl, vinyl or asphalt floor tiles and any associated paper-like backing, mastic, adhesive or glue, may contain asbestos. In the past, asbestos fibers were added during the production of flooring materials to strengthen the flooring and to increase its durability.
Floor tile is most easily removed from the edges. Use a hammer and putty knife or similar tool to work under the edges of the tile and pop the tile loose. Once the first tile is loose, work the putty knife at a 45 degree angle to gently pop the remaining tiles loose. Avoid excessive breakage during removal to reduce your exposure to asbestos fibers.

Willard Catalan said...

Asbestos Removal in Houston says,
"Asbestos is not that much of a danger as long as you know where it is and how to threat it". Not much of a danger just because you have it inside your house. The trick if you gotta know if you have it or not. If left alone? It is usually okay. Disturbed it tear it up or renovations and you may have problems.

Ems Carlos said...

Remember to do as much research as you possibly can! When making your final decision, you should know that having a professional service come in and do asbestos removal or you will be the best choice.
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